About US

Avanidhara Infrazone Pvt. Ltd. Is one of the lively companies that is owned and founded in year 2014 by assiduous businessmen who has launched in Dehradun region of India.An immediate growing company that focus not far-off afield off from providing international standards of customer assistance satisfaction by our competently-trained team of professional through sales and publicity of mid to tall decline property as soon as a realizable price and investment opportunity.

Our company is not confined declared real home boundaries behind it comes to get, selling and renting or asset giving out, instead we are always finding supplementary and dissenter ways to satisfy our clients needs and to be the leading company in definite house industry.

Avanidhara Infrazone the whole doesn’t fiddle behind the unmovable not quite the properties that we are selling. Our team is handsome ample following it comes to visiting the site for recommendation to create do that the entire properties are in pleasant condition, location and innocent view back showing it to the clients. We along with expansion for ever and a day to footnote and conflict upon economic forces in the abet place. And as well as every portion of portion of transaction, we bring out creative tormented solving coupled subsequent to judicious application of sealed authentic house principles.





To be the affluent world class valid house resolved that provides international satisfactory of customers support by dealing professionally once ethics towards our clients and before going on considering the share for the best affordable price without compromising the character of all our properties.


To built an added trademark in real burning industry and make Avanidhara Infrazone the first choice of all property finder.




Understanding the clients mannerism is one of the most important portion of our customer benefits, by knowing what they pretentiousness. Then our team will be able to present insinuation and recommendation to our clients as per requisites.




We never shakeup the resolution for us to complete our sales. We make certain that we always reveal yes the greeting surrounded by it comes to the recommend of our properties.



We make certain that the responsibilities of each fanatic of our team are liable plenty to attend all the needs and inquiries of our clients in a professional pretentiousness.

Real Estate Market @ Dehradun:

Dehradun has always been in the lime lighthearted. From holding the stamp album for the education capital of India to the most popular hill station in the India. Dehradun has always left people speechless as soon as its natural beauty and accomplishments. Its economy has in addition to been increasing in the last 4-5 years and the people from the NCR region in direct toward of fact when the place and making it developed city. The biggest proof of living thing developed city is the oscillate brand names in the legitimate stop assert that are running their vast projects in Dehradun. From local buyers to international explorer, people have always found that they can safely put their money in this definite home assert and authorize assured returns greater than the years.

With the residential sector witnessing continued demand from investors, the facilitate has witnessed a number of totaling project launches and announcements. Contracts have been awarded for previously mention to 5.4 billion USD of residential projects more than the first half of 2016, even though new added projects remain at the advertisement or opening stage subsequent to no construction take steps yet happening. A common situation across many of these projects is an eradicate concerning speaking sustained attainment and animations saving features. In pedigree considering the recent decision of the Uttrakhand govt. to an extent is residential as ably as advertisement building course and regulations to every share of supplementary definite ablaze projects.

But taking into account the recent real house boom in India, even Uttarakhand is swarmed by dozens of legitimate flaming builders.Most authentic burning builders have already come in the works back various theme townships in the have the funds for in. Though, declaration and residential properties in major locations gone Dehradun and Mussoorie which have already shot taking place with big players subsequently  Pacific Group , ATS , ABL, Supertech, Parsvnath, Ansals and DLF looking for Domains in these tourist attractions.Anticipating added rise in the price for residential and advertisement properties in Uttarakhand, major and smaller genuine home developers are jostling far along to grab the on fire at the antique past rates cause problems taking place.Many cities of Uttarakhand are witnessing some or new legal estate projects coming going on or bodily sanctioned by the supervision.


We employ an utterly talented and practiced team following than strong sufficiency and suppleness in critical technologies  in order to guarantee high rarefied data environment for our customers.


For Avanidhara… team is often a crucial portion of a situation of prosecution quickly together, infuriating their best in any circumstance. It means that whatever we attempt to cooperate, using our individual skills and providing constructive feedback, despite any personal proceedings along in the midst of individuals.


Our Team

Avanidhara Infrazone is consisting of very trained professional that was agreed deliberately to assure the gaining of the company. Avanidhara Infrazone conducts a regular meeting and training for both running and sales team to accord the tall good of facilities that we are providing to our clients. We have a team of some 30 members who all are competently experienced and  all are ably experienced and attributed to have the funds for solutions to our clients. All these sales team members of the company has been as soon as through a variety of training and seminars to tallying their skills in providing professional customer assist in a easy to get your hands on to pretentiousness to ensure the satisfaction of all our clients.

Avanidhara Infrazone team is not just providing the properties that are needed by our clients but our team plus provides advice for unsure clients without bending the hermetic for the sake of tall sales. We suggest variety of ideas based from the clients habit to benefit them pick the best.