Our Services


Brokerage Services

  • Property conveyance support
  • Highly trained team of professional brokers.
  • Residential and Commercial Properties
  • Marketing and advertising of property
  • Sales and leasing facilities
  • Property appraisal
  • Completion of all relative transaction

Property Management

  • To explore the detailed property
  • Landscaping and maintenance
  • DEWA Connection
  • Rentals, tenancy contracts and renewals
  • Tenant handing out (Property preparation, Repairs, key-handovers, payments and deposits)
  • Full further management solutions

Developer Services

  • Research and gain
  • Developing creative sponsorship strategy
  • Property sales and publicity facilities

Independent Escrow Accounts for Re-Sales

  • Offer escrow and title conveyance services
  • Partnered amid entrust & title
  • Ownership transfer of properties

Real Estate Portfolio Management

  • Create and manage portfolio
  • Buy, Sell or rent on your behalf
  • Offer services (Interior design- so as to give you a higher return on your investment.)

Home Insurance Advice

  • Provide all part of single one documentation concerning behalf of owner
  • Home insurance facilities provided trusted outdoor relatives
  • Establish offshore Branches for foreign companies
  • Offer full recommendation in establishing offshore companies

Real Estate Investment Consultancy

  • Guarantee a high compensation re your investment
  • Work considering reputable financial advisers, gathering broker and all-powerful quantity supervision experts.
  • Offer a wide range of valid on fire investments

Financial Service Consultancy (Mortgage Advice)

  • Offshore Company Set Up
  • Proper information of residence financing products
  • Full scale financial recommend through trusted financial partners

Legal Advise

  • Property evaluation facilities
  • Investment advisory services
  • Full scale exact assistance provided
  • Cumulative market scrutiny reporting

Real Estate Market Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand Рis one of the most beautiful and enchanting states of northern India. Blessed when breathtaking natural beauty, rivers and many mountains, this come clean has been the heaven for people seeking solace in spirituality and a paradise for adventure lovers. Nestled in the Himalayas .But taking into account the recent real house boom in India, even Uttarakhand is swarmed by dozens of legitimate flaming builders, who sore to encash not in the surgically remove from and wide and wide off from the supreme natural beauty of the insist.Most authentic burning builders have already come in the works back various theme townships in the have the funds for in. Though, declaration and residential properties in major locations gone Dehradun which has already shot taking place with big players subsequently  Pacific Group , ATS , Supertech, Parsvnath, Ansals and DLF looking for home in these tourist attractions.

Real Estate Market For Delhi / Ncr

Thinking of buying a flat or apartment in Delhi NCR? We can help. Browse our real estate catalogue, filter by locality, budget and type.