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Real Estates refer to a term that encompasses land along with improvements to the land such as buildings, fences, wells or other site improvements on or below the surface of the earth that are fixed or immovable.


Types of properties

Residential property

  • Land – Plots, piece of land divided as per the requirement of residential construction.
  • Villas – A detached and a semi – detached urban residences with yard and green space.
  • Floors – A structure dividing building into stories
  • Apartments – a room or set of rooms fitted especially with house keeping facilities and usually leased as dwelling
  • Farm Houses – A dwelling on a farm with agricultural utility
  • Studio Apartments – A small apartment consisting typically of a main room, kitchenette and a bathroom, usually are fully furnished.

Commercial property

  • Retail Space – Properties used exclusively to market and sell consumer goods and services.
  • Office space – A commercial property type used to maintain or occupy professional or business offices. Such properties typically house management and staff operations. The term office can refer to whole buildings, floors, parts of floors, and office parks. Office space that can be used for a variety of purposes is sometimes referred to as generic office space. Office properties may be classified as Class A, B, or C. Class A properties are the most functionally modern. Properties Classed B and C in the same market typically command lower rents because they are older and in need of modernization. They may not be as efficient or desirable as Class A properties because their design or condition causes functional problems.

Industrial Property

Any property used for a manufacturing purpose. Areas where industrial activity may be carried out are specified by the respective local authorities.

Agricultural Property

Used for agriculture purpose in forms of lands and plots.